A Research-Focused Company With a Big Vision

Electroencephalogram (EEG) technology is trusted and established. In fact, it has been around for almost 100 years. For all that time, it faithfully served as one of the most important tools for learning more about the human brain. But it also required cumbersome and expensive equipment that limited researchers to operating in medical facilities and laboratories. With the arrival of SUVA technology, that era has come to an end.

The Arrival of Mobile EEG

In 2017, Dr. Olav Krigolson of the University of Victoria published results that showed how he had successfully used the Muse Headband and a laptop computer to record robust, research-grade EEG data. Suddenly, it was possible to conduct EEG research anywhere without a heavy, expensive setup.

PEER: The World's First Mobile EEG Research App

Building on this ground-breaking success, Dr. Krigolson co-founded SUVA Technologies to push forward the development of new applications that could make EEG research even more mobile and automatic. Our launch application, PEER (Portable EEG ERP Researcher), made it possible for the first time to collect research-quality EEG data with an iPad or iPhone.

The Future of Mobile EEG

We take pride in our roots as the makers of the world’s first truly mobile EEG research software. But our journey is just getting started. We understand the full potential of EEG technology and the many ways that it could be deployed to help protect against injury and fatigue, to make work more efficient, and to give you new insights into the workings of your own brain.

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