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Think of Aspire as a fitness monitor for your brain.

With Aspire, our vision is to make science-based assessment of brain health available to everyone. You can strive for peak performance or protect against excessive on-the-job fatigue.

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Our application makes use of Electroencephalography (EEG), a comfortable and non-invasive technology, to read the unique electrical signature of a user's brain and show how well it is working. The app tracks cognitive performance over time, so users are able to determine what lifestyle choices, working and training habits are optimal for them.

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“We've been involved with Anthony Pluta at Suva for three years, so we've seen this process for some time now. Suva Technologies has given us the kind of technological edge that could prove to be the difference maker leading to a championship season. Their Aspire app shows us how the grind of the season may affect a player’s mental performance. With this data, we can continually maintain and optimize a player’s ability to perform at their peak when game time rolls around. Technologies like Aspire are the future of pro sports.”

- Jim Swanson, Managing Partner of the Victoria HarbourCats and Associate Scout for the Detroit Tigers

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Aspire got a nice mention from our partners at Interaxon in their presentation at the CES in Janaury 2019!

Who is Aspire for?

Our technology is already bringing value to a diverse range of organizations, including professional sport franchises, mining companies, health care providers, and even research being carried out for NASA's forthcoming mission to Mars.

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Aspire Advantages

Our technology is leading the way into an entirely new generation of fatigue management tools.

On top of all these advantages, our system is intelligent and adaptive. As you use it, our system increases its knowledge of your brain’s unique characteristics. And the more you use it, the more accurately it can assess your cognitive fitness.

“As an agent, I look for technologies that can give my clients the extra edge to train and play at peak performance. With Aspire in their arsenal, I believe my clients have an amazing new tool to enhance mental performance and maintain it throughout the season.”

- Page Odle, President, PSI Sports Management

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SUVA is excited to offer this important new advancement in brain fitness technology. Our rigorous, quantitative and data-driven approach can enrich any individual or organization’s understanding of how to keep the human brain operating at peak mental efficiency.

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