A New Standard for Mobile EEG Research

In 2017, research by Dr. Olav Krigolson showed that it is possible to record robust, event-related potentials (ERPs) from the MUSE EEG headband (Krigolson et al., 2017). Building from this initial success, SUVA Technologies developed PEER (Portable EEG ERP Researcher). When used with the MUSE headband, it allows EEG research to be completely mobile. Armed with PEER and a MUSE headband, researchers are no longer restricted to collecting EEG data in a laboratory.

Smaller but Just as Powerful

PEER is able to collect EEG data just as well as a more elaborate setup involving the MUSE headband and a laptop. It is a truly research-grade instrument, capable of offering the same data quality as far larger and more expensive systems. You can learn more about the capabilities of PEER by visiting our products page.

Figure 1. Conditional waveforms for the oddball task as recorded on a laptop from a MUSE EEG headset. Shaded regions reflect 95% confidence intervals around the grand average waveform. (Krigolson et al., 2017)

Figure 2. Conditional waveforms for the oddball task as recorded from a MUSE EEG headset using PEER.


PEER meets the standards you need.

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