As featured in the February 2019 issue of

As featured in the February 2019 issue of

Assessing brain fitness with Aspire is already helping a diverse range of organizations improve performance, efficiency and safety...

Elite Sports

Health Care


Heavy Industry

“With Aspire, Suva Technologies is paving the way for the creation of an entirely new category in brain health technology. People who are enthusiastic about fitness apps are going to be very excited when they realize that it’s now possible to have everyday access to the kind of brain analysis that was previously only possible in a lab. The possibilities for how mobile EEG technology can be used are almost endless.”

- Paul Stinson, President CAPRA International Inc.

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Aspire uses your brainwaves to assess your brain's fitness


Aspire bases its cognition scores on measurements of each brain's unique cognitive function range

Use it with Muse TM

Our iOS app quickly and automatically syncs with Muse, the leading consumer EEG headband

Health Assessment

Our exclusive dataset for cognitive performance lets you see how a user's brain compares to population-level norms

Highly Accurate

Aspire's unparalleled accuracy is derived from over five decades of neuroscience research

“Aspire is a significant step forward in neurobiometrics. It’s the first mobile application to attempt to leverage EEG analysis in sports and other high impact situations. It may look simple, but under the hood there are amazing algorithms at work to tame incomprehensible, raw EEG signals into the kinds of numbers that an everyday trainer or user can understand. Never before has any company been able to quantify fatigue in such a practical, dynamic and predictive way.”

- Ariel Louwrier, President & CEO at StressMarq Biosciences Inc.

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