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SUVA technology is the highest quality research-grade software available for mobile EEG neuroscience and fatigue management.

Our products run with the MUSE Headband from Interaxon.

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Fatigue Management System for Enterprises

The world's most accurate measure of cognitive fatigue
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Aspire is the future of fatigue management. It is a custom electroencephalography (EEG) system that provides accurate, direct measurement of cognitive fatigue. It is also a personalized tool that accounts for each brain’s unique characteristics. The app produces a simple, reliable fatigue score by examining every person’s current state within the context of their personal history of fatigue.

PEER (Portable EEG ERP Researcher)

sold by SUVA on the Apple App Store

USD$ 99.99

PEER is a revolutionary mobile EEG research solution for neuroscientists. Its lightweight setup enables users to gather EEG data quickly and easily in almost any setting. Our application is highly customizable, with over 150 unique ways of setting up your experiment. It also features five main built-in modes, with three version of the oddball research paradigm, Go-No-Go, and a raw EEG data recorder.

  • Requires the MUSE Headband by Interaxon to operate
  • Runs on both iPads and iPhones with iOS 10 or later
  • Stores and outputs data in comma-separated values (CSV) format
  • 100 MB of storage space per test subject is recommended